#1 Beauty Hack




For those of us just recently discovering false eye lashes or for the ones who already know all the ins and outs of wearing falsies this is for you. I accidentally stumbled upon this trick as you do. So I tried to film a get ready with my for my YouTube channel and decided to wear false lashes for the first time on camera and I forgot I hadn’t got the lash glue remover or baby oil anyways I didn’t have any way of taking it off because there was no way I was going to bed with them on. Then I went over to my little corner to check on my makeup remover selection and  I decided to try out the Benefit They’re Real Remover and it completely removed the eyelash glue without any fuss whatsoever and it was a totally money saving idea.

I thought I’d share this with you because for me this was very unexpected. I hope you’ve found this little tip a little helpful. Please leave a commnet below if you’d like to see more beauty tips and also please share any of your beauty hacks below.

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